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The Real Reason You "Throw Your Back Out"...

Jun 22, 2020

If you just went to do something totally normal, like bending forward to pick up a piece of paper off the floor and now all of a sudden your back is all locked up and crazy painful, I can guarantee it was not a huge, terrible thing that happened just then.

Your body has a threshold of awareness.

Gradually, little things add up...little bits of tightness, a little bit of posture that wasn't quite right, a little bit of lifting mechanics that weren't quite right and now you were just sitting barely under that threshold.

You don't feel it, your body covers it up, you don't even know anything's going on but that one time that you bend over to pick up that piece of paper off the floor. Now you've bumped above that threshold of awareness and it feels like some huge terrible thing just happened.

What we have to do moving forward is to get our bodies lower and lower away from that threshold of awareness. Having good posture, having good mechanics with how you're moving and having good flexibility is super important.


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