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Tackle Telework Triggered Shoulder Tenderness

Nov 02, 2020

Perhaps your home office setup is not ideal and your elbows being positioned in front of your body for too long each day has finally added up to cause tenderness on the front of your shoulder.

If it feels like everything on the front of your chest and shoulders and your upper arms is getting tight, kind of pulled forward and maybe you have a little bit of pain across the upper front part of your shoulder, an easy way to fix that is to stretch your bicep muscle.

Sitting at your desk with your elbow straight in your hand holding on to the edge of the desk, turn your chest away from that arm until you feel a really gentle stretch across the upper part of your arm and the front of your shoulder.  Just rotate away from that side, hold it for about 30 seconds, rotate back to take the stress off of it and then rotate away from it again.


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