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Decrease pain in 5 minutes without negative side effects!


Your body is not supposed to hurt!  The longer your body hurts, the more problems you'll experience as a result of that pain, so getting the pain under control as quickly as possible is HUGELY important!!

The pain you feel in your body is exactly the same as the dashboard warning light in your car.  The longer you ignore it, the more costly the repair!

If the pain you're having is point-specific, meaning that you can touch a bony part of your body with 1 finger and feel pain in that location, then there's inflammation happening in that area.

Our bodies are really smart and will try to protect us, so when there's pain, the muscles around that area won't contract to their full ability.  That pretty much defeats the goal if you're trying to continue exercising to get stronger when you're having point-specific pain in that area.  

The other thing that happens is the muscles around the painful area get tighter to try to protect it.  So the longer you're having that pain, the tighter the muscles will get.

Doing a 5 minute ice massage with little circles directly over the place that has point-specific pain can decrease inflammation and allow you to get back to strength training and improving your flexibility!


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