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H4IQ - #1 Stretch for Runners

Jan 20, 2019

Watch this video to learn the #1 stretch for runners

H4IQ Stretch

  • Hamstring
  • Hip Rotator
  • Hip Adductor
  • Hip Flexor
  • I.T. Band
  • Quad

...on 1 leg you get the first 3 muscle groups and on the other leg (AT THE SAME TIME) you get the other 3 muscle groups!

There just isn't a more efficient injury prevention stretch for runners! 

Being able to get into this position might initially take working on each of the muscle groups individually but it is SO worth it in the end!

This video is a clip from a more in-depth training I provided on the progressive stretch positions leading up to being able to get into the H4IQ position.


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