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Even Coaches Need Coaches!

Feb 09, 2019

Research shows that you have less than 50% accuracy when it relates to knowing what your body is doing when you're running!  

You'd think with all my years as a physical therapist and the hundreds of running clients I've coached, I'd know what MY body is doing when I'm running but apparently even Wonder Woman needs feedback sometimes!  ;)

At least I was aware of the slight tightness I felt in my calves and had put a little extra time into stretching them recently but with the extra miles I'll be adding in the coming months, this slight running form issue could have created tightness that would eventually overcome my ability to keep it in check!

Now I'm looking forward to my run tomorrow when I can focus on "soft ankles" with full foot contact in mid-stride!

Even running coaches need running coaches sometimes!

Many thanks to my 10k Training Team coach!


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