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Back spasms? Feel better in 90 seconds!


We've all been there...a tiny movement caused a HUGE amount of pain!

How could bending over to get a piece of paper off the floor make my back go into a spasm?!?

...and most importantly...now what?!?

Resting might help.  A cold pack or heating pad might help.  Anti-inflammatory medicine might help.  

...but...using a lacrosse ball for 90 seconds will actually address the reflex in the muscle that has it locked down, so afterwards it's easier for the muscle to relax and get the most benefit from the stretching you're doing.

Knowing how to use the lacrosse ball is critical!  

Just 90 seconds of pressure on the MUSCLE that's tight...NOT over the bony attachment of the muscle!  Although that bony spot might be where you're feeling the most pain, usually it's the tight muscle attached at that spot that's causing the pain.

Just once a day on a trigger point for 2 minutes is PLENTY because this IS an aggressive way to get relief fast.  The stretching you learned in the "Oh...my aching back" blog post can be done throughout the day to give you relief.

Be smart about using the lacrosse ball...don't bruise yourself!

If your back pain is associated with any nerve symptoms, such as numbness, tingling or weakness that started around the same time as the back spasm, then a trip to the doctor is a better solution for you than a lacrosse ball trigger point release.

*MOST IMPORTANTLY* if your back pain coincided with suddenly being unable to control when you pee or poop *GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM IMMEDIATELY!  (while this is exceptionally rare, it is a real thing that can happen!  Take care of yourself!!)


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