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Episode 4: Whole30 - Day 3 -!

Apr 19, 2019

I can’t even finish it all! 

For the second day in a row I couldn’t finish all the food I brought for lunch! 

Listening to the “It’s All About Food” book, there’s a section about satiety and satiation.  Of course I can’t remember the details except that when you’re eating the right, nutritious foods, your body will give your brain the signal that you’ve had enough…you’re full!  …those nutritious foods have BRAKES that slow down and eventually stop your desire to eat more.

The authors talk about the flip side of that scenario being “food without brakes”.  Apparently that’s why I can eat an entire bag of tortilla chips without thinking twice but this bowl of ground beef and veggies puts the brakes on hard by telling my brain that my belly is FULL! 

I’m loving the POWERFUL brakes which are naturally engineered into this food!

Perhaps I should cut back on the almonds I’m using as a mindless snack throughout the day though.


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