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Episode 2: Whole30 - Day 2 - I'm in love!

Apr 17, 2019

Today started off really great with the best, most yummy breakfast I’ve had in a very, very long time!

Yes, I am in love!

Chia pudding is now my comfort food!

I was excited to see how much more coffee I can fit into my thermos without needing to leave space for the muscle milk I normally added to make my coffee taste like dessert!

Lunch was simple...leftover chicken with greens, some extra protein with the tuna and my newly found staple of mini-guac, which is Whole30 compliant!

For dinner I used a recipe for 10 minute chili from the “It Starts with Food” book.

The warmth and substance of it made this the perfect choice for the end of my second day of this challenge because I needed something hearty… Enough with the rabbit food!  

This is the same ground beef I always use, so hopefully it's ok too!

By the way...I am completely joking with the rabbit food comment!

My only complaint at this point is how long it takes to eat my lunch! To eat a salad with a side of carrots and guacamole is definitely filling but takes forever to do all that chewing!

I’m pretty sure my mouth muscles are getting stronger by the day!

After dinner I had some frozen peaches and suddenly felt really...really...TERRIBLE!  I had a headache and almost felt like I could throw up! I have no idea where that feeling came from or if it was just completely a coincidence, but I did Google sugar withdrawal symptoms!

I don’t know if that’s what had me feeling so badly this evening or if it was the phone call I got from my best friend!!!!

I’m sure my voice echoed through the house as I screamed,

“...WHAT?! mean I have to start over?!“

Check back tomorrow to find out what happened!


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