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Episode 1: Whole30 - Day 1 ...otherwise known as "What am I thinking?!"

Apr 17, 2019

Here we go! 

This feels oddly reminiscent of when a friend asked if would do a race with her in 2 weeks and I responded with "Sure!  What kind of race is it?"  That was a 15k...when I'd been slacking on the couch for 2 months...NOT my smartest move! 

But, yes, I did CRUSH it!

(and crashed a little too!)

This Whole30 thing is completely foreign to me except that my best friend who lives 500 miles away, did this a few months ago.  Texts of her food looked beautiful while mine has been frozen, microwaved, delivered in a box or received through my car window for the past year.

I could blame my diet on being busy but I am well aware that I have exactly the same amount of time in my day as everyone else and other people make healthy food choices every day....I'VE MADE HEALTHY CHOICES...just not recently.

So today that all changed!

It's time to take control of my eating habits and put a vegetable in my belly!

This morning started off well with an omelet but felt weird without the cheese.  Luckily the peppers and onions made my house smell wonderful so that almost made up for it!

Snack at work was roasted almonds and water with a squirt of lemon juice.  The water was surprisingly refreshing and easier to drink than just plain water.

 Lunch had my favorite food of the day...carrots with guacamole!!!  LOVED IT!

Trying to make a salad dressing for dinner that was different than the oil and vinegar I had for lunch proved challenging when I realized my cilantro had sugar in it!

This was good though...

At least I got a dinner photo before I finished the last few bites!!!

It was a good day and I'm already looking forward to tomorrow's breakfast!

I hope you join me in this craziness!!!

Check back tomorrow to see how Day 2 goes!  


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