Rundown On Getting Up & Running

Quickly Assess & Assist The Recreational Runner

Presented by Tamara Elzey, PT, DPT, R3S

Approved in NJ, VA, & states with CE reciprocity (click for approval list)


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This 2-hour CE provides

running rehab fundamentals

so you can start using the

knowledge and skills


With The Rundown On Getting Up & Running, you’re on the fast track to success by learning:

  • The #1 MOST COMMON & MOST DAMAGING aspect of a runner's mechanics that you can see INSTANTLY in a runner's video
  • The 3 Dimensions of Lifelong Running
  • How to perform a video running assessment with or without a treadmill
  • What running deviations cause specific injuries & pain
  • The 3 Running Form Fixes to instantly correct a runner's mechanics
  • How to cue your patients to correct their running mechanics

"The course was very thorough and informative, and love that she just got done running a race before the course."

Amy S.
DPT Student

"This filled so many gaps for me during assessment for patients with knee pain and no flexibility/strength deficits. "

Adam R.
Doctor of Physical Therapy

"Student feedback was fantastic. The other students regret not signing up but will do so for January...and even some staff will be there, myself included."

Aileen P.
Program Director

"Before I felt like I had no clue what I was really looking for and what to do but this was super helpful! "

Cameron S.
PTA Student

"Useful, actionable strategies to utilize in the clinic with patients who I would otherwise be very hesitant to take on. "

Michelle C.
DPT Student

"I really loved the course and thought it was well organized and presented engagingly. I only wish it was longer!"

Natalie B.
Doctor of Physical Therapy

"Enjoyed her personal style and the way she integrated her experiences of her running journey with her professional expertise"

Heather D.
PTA Student

Rachel Started The Running Roundup Certificate Course As A DPT Student

At the end of our year together, this is what she had to say...



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Dr. Tamara Elzey, PT, DPT, R3S

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