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Quickly Assess And Assist The Recreational Runner

Tamara Elzey, PT, DPT

Approved by the CPTA, FPTA, NPTA,  NYPTA, TPTA, & VPTA.

2 Hour Live Virtual Course Via Zoom

Over 20 million runners get injured every year in the US. 

Do you know how to help them?

If you don't understand the 3 Dimensions Of Running and the 3 Running Form Fixes, then you won't be prepared to effectively and efficiently rehab injured runners.

Course Highlights

  • Essential tools required for rehabilitating the novice and recreational runner
  • Hidden clues that reveal a possible running-related injury
  • Clear parameters to determine which patients need a running evaluation
  • Time-efficient running analysis methods with minimal equipment
  • Evidence-based running modifications to decrease injury risk
  • Simple patient cues and HEP to address the run analysis findings


You get the best evidence-based training refined into a proven systematic approach delivering the most efficient and effective strategies for your patients to achieve long-term running success!


Course Objectives

    1. Recognize the subjective cues that indicate possible candidates for a running analysis
    2. Describe the most important objective tests that must be met to safely return to running.
    3. Outline time-efficient analysis methods of running mechanics with minimal equipment
    4. Determine how to assess and interpret the 3 critical components of the running video as related to the patient-specific clinical presentation
    5. Identify the specific wording needed to get patient buy-in through impactful explanations of the objective measures assessed in the running video
    6. Summarize the components of an effective warm-up prior to running as required for optimal injury prevention.
    7. Choose treatment interventions that address specific findings from the running analysis including targeted stretching and strengthening.
    8. Construct an appropriate plan for implementation of situationally specific running mechanics dysfunctions.
Never again will you question your ability to effectively serve your running patients because you’ll have the knowledge and tools required to quickly assess and assist your recreational running patients.

Self-Paced Online Course

Enjoy the convenience of taking the course when it works best for you.  You get all the information and resources in a self-paced format that can be completed at any time.

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Running Roundup Certificate Program CEUs

Live-Virtual monthly running based CEUs for less than $20 per contact hour.  Each month we'll dive deep into the most clinically relevant issues for our injured runner patients.  Topics range from research-based diagnosis-specific evaluation and treatment approaches to running gear and training plans based on the patient's goals.  All courses focus on clinically actionable, evidence-based recommendations to support you through the clinical decision-making process using physical therapy best practices. 

Each topic is only presented once a year so don't wait to register or you might miss out on this month's course.

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"When I first saw Dr. Elzey...I was in perpetual pain from running...she really coached me into a mindset of not just treating the symptom but treating the root cause of what was causing me the pain... And ever since then it's been great." - Avraham B.



Dr. Tamara Elzey, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy & Running Coach
20+ years of passionate commitment to enhancing quality of life through education and injury prevention

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