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How To Get The R3S Coach Certification


  • 2-hour CE Rundown On Getting Up & Running course AND
  • 18-hour CE Running Roundup Certificate Course



  • A weekend intensive course

Recreational Running Rehab Specialist & Coach Exam Registration - $197

  • 1 month after completing your Running Roundup Certificate Course, you're eligible to take the R3S Coach exam.
  • Graduation from an accredited DPT, PTA, or ATC academic program is required to register for the R3S Coach exam

The R3S Coach Certification Exam tests for proficiency through written questions, video assessments and case studies encompassing content in the following areas:

  1. Establishing a well-rounded plan of care that encompasses the 3 Dimensions of Running
  2. Identifying candidates for a video running analysis based on subjective assessment while differentiating various common running related injury clinical presentations as they apply to varying diagnoses.
  3. Administering the appropriate physical performance test at the appropriate time in the injured runner’s rehabilitation to ensure they meet standards required to safely engage in a running program.
  4. Understanding the best available evidence for choosing interventions and modifications to running mechanics specifically related to the injured runner’s diagnosis.
  5. Choosing the most appropriate method of running video recording based on specified criteria.
  6. Describing the objective measures assessed in the running video
  7. Assessing and interpret the clinically relevant components of the running analysis video as related to the patient’s specific clinical presentation
  8. Identifying conservative treatments that address specific findings from the running analysis including targeted stretching and strengthening.
  9. Assembling an appropriate plan for implementation of situationally specific running mechanics dysfunctions.
  10. Providing situationally specific recommendations for appropriate running gear, shoes and various race distance training plans.
  11. Creating an outline for a group run class and screening process for participants.

Officially become a Recreational Running Rehabilitation Specialist & Coach.

The designation of R3S Coach distinguishes you as a recreational running rehab subject matter expert and establishes you as a qualified running rehab resource for your clinic and community.

Your R3S Coach Certification Includes:

  • Access to 1 year of updated Running Roundup Certificate Course sessions or a Weekend Intensive course ($597 value) that always includes the latest research and industry information
  • New & improved resources to increase your time efficiency and effectiveness with your running rehab patients and groups.
  • 1 year of unlimited email access to Dr. Elzey to answer questions, provided support, and offer guidance with the option of a virtual session if needed for a particularly challenging patient presentation.

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