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It would be difficult for you to find someone who loves what they do more than I do!


Yes...I love adventures and racing but even more than that...I love teaching you how to take care of your body so you can keep doing the things you want and need to just doesn't get any better than that for me!

Throughout my career I've spent a huge amount of time with each patient explaining the whys behind the guidance I'm offering because I know that's what I'd need.  Often I joke with clients about how I assume everyone is as hardheaded as I am.  I know if someone tells me to do something but doesn't explain WHY I'm supposed to do it, I'll smile and nod then leave and never do it!  

After decades of working with thousands of clients, I began to understand the scope of need that exists in the world for education, the simple solutions, I provide to my clients every day.  I embarked on this endeavor of sharing my simple solutions to life's challenges by creating videos, courses and resources to help you continue living life on your own terms while avoiding unnecessary pain and injury.

You're the reason I do what I do! 

Tamara Elzey, DPT


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