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I believe you and I each possess a SUPERPOWER...something we innately do better than anyone else!

My superpower is the ability to

make complex processes easy to understand

Throughout my 20+ years as a physical therapist I’ve refined this skill but over the past 10 years, as I’ve transitioned to corporate training and continuing education/training for groups of medical professionals, I’ve fully stepped into my superhero’s superpowers! 

I’ve seen the physical therapy profession evolve and improve through evidence-based practices, which reinforces my commitment to not only my own personal and professional growth but to supporting that same growth in my students and patients.

Prior to turning 40 years old, I wasn’t a runner.  I’d tried to start many times in my 20s and 30s but knee pain always sidelined my best-laid plans.  When the military hired me to work with injured soldiers who are required to run, I knew I had to figure out this running thing!  The pinnacle of my running journey thus far happened in 2020 when I completed a Skydive Ultramarathon running 32 miles without ANY knee pain and felt so good that I wanted to run a 5k the next morning but even my crazy friends weren’t crazy enough to do that. 🤪 😂

My personal, academic, clinical, and professional experiences are uniquely combined to make my continuing education courses engaging, efficient, effective, and professionally impactful.  Send me an email to discuss how we can work together!


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