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Dr. Tamara Elzey

Doctor of Physical Therapy; Corporate Trainer; Continuing Education Provider; Executive Personal Coach; POSE Certified Technique Specialist


While I can provide situationally specific/injury specific virtual physical therapy services, click here to learn more, addressing just one body part without considering the individual as a whole is often more of a band-aid approach than a true, long-term fix.

To keep your body moving and achieve your greatest potential, all your body's parts have to work together smoothly and efficiently.

To learn how I can help you live your best life, click this link to schedule a session today!
Dr. Tamara Elzey, DPT
Doctor of Physical Therapy

What People Are Saying


Lilly Grace Brooks

Executive Coaching Client

"She coached me into a mindset of not just treating the symptom but treating the root cause...I went from barely being able to run a mile in pain to a 5k totally pain-free"

Avraham Behar, Richmond, VA

"Now I’m not afraid to take on a challenge and am excited to be stronger and faster so I can travel more and experience more spectacular nature!  Thank you, Tamara!"

rather.b.kayaking, Manhattan, KS

"...right after, and still now when I do my exercises, my back feels so good, so incredible!  ...thank you so much, Tamara!"

Taylor Robinson, Occupational Therapy Student at Georgia State University

“Whether she’s addressing balance issues or knee pain, her guidance keeps me active and pain free!"

KJ Grimmett, Council Grove, KS


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